How to Setup Your A50 on PC with the USB TX

You will need:

  • A50 Headset
  • USB TX
  • USB Charge cable


  1. Fully charge the A50, to see when this occurs the power light on the headset will change from orange to red.
  2. Insert the USB TX into your PC and wait for Windows to recognize the device.
  3. Go to and download the latest USB TX driver. Find the folder it was downloaded in and double click it to begin installation. Ensure the USB TX is inserted before installing.
  4. Make sure the A50 and USB TX are paired and balance the right ear of the headset to 50/50. This will be indicated by a single beep when the headset is on. Under sound settings in your control panel. Select the USB TX “Game” as your default playback device and USB TX “Voice” as your default recording device.
  5. You are ready to game.
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