Having issues with microphone/out going voice communication

Before making a case, be sure to go through this guide for general trouble shooting to make sure we can help you faster.


Please try following troubleshooting step and let us know the results. These steps are not intended to make the chat work properly, they are to determine what part of the system is faulty.


-          Make sure that the mute switch on the headset cable is not enabled (there should be no orange showing). Also, try using the microphone on both sides of the headset.

-          Try to record and playback your voice using the included sound recorder program that comes standard on most Windows and Apple computers.

-          Try plugging your headset directly into a smartphone and try using the headset and microphone.


If the headset is not picking up your voice, the issue is probably with the microphone or headset itself. If this is the case, remove the microphone from your headset, plugging it directly into the microphone port on your computer. Then complete the voice recording/playback test.


If you are still unable to hear your voice recording, and have ensured that the computer settings are correct by successfully recording with an alternate headset/microphone, the issue is likely the microphone itself. If it records normally using only the microphone, the issue is likely the internal wiring of the headset.


Let us know what you found to be causing the problem after completing all of the troubleshooting steps above. This will allow us to take the appropriate next steps towards resolving your case.

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