General Troubleshooting

Check the A50 manual to make sure you have everything setup correctly:


Please ensure that your headset and MixAmp are updated to the newest firmware versions available at: Make sure you let us know what version firmware is installed on your components.


-          Test your MixAmp Tx unit and A50 headset on another console.

-          Try charging the A50s completely and try re-syncing the A50s to the Tx unit.

-          Try different USB ports on your gaming console.


Please note that after a firmware update, all of the settings on your A50 and MixAmp are reset and restored to default, so you’ll need to reconfigure all of your settings. That will mean turning your main volume dial up, readjusting the game/voice balance on the side of your headset, and finally power cycling the headset and MixAmp by powering off and powering it back on. Then re-sync the headset and MixAmp as this is reset and they won't be linked after the firmware update.

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