A10 Standalone (No MixAmp) outgoing voice issues (PC)

I understand you are experiencing issues with your A10 Standalone. Here are a few steps you can take to attempt to remedy the issues. Before troubleshooting please ensure you have setup the audio system correctly following the setup video here -


Make sure the inline cable is fully seated in the headset and on your PC’s 3.5mm jack or green and pink ports.


Right click the speaker icon in your task bar and select Recording devices. Note that the exact device name for the external microphone will vary based on your computer's hardware.


Make sure your Microphone is down and not up and muted. When the Microphone is in the up position, it is muted.


Unplug the headset from your PC and plug it directly into a smartphone. Make a phone call or record a message by talking directly into the microphone on the headset.


If these steps did not alleviate the issues you were experiencing, please go to the link below and submit a case. Let your agent know all the steps you tried and the outcome of your troubleshooting. It will help speed the resolution of your case!

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