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How to install firmware on the Gen 2 A50 Headset and TX Transmitter

To install firmware on your A50 and TxD please go to the website below:

Download both the most recent version of the TxD and headset firmware and locate them in your PC or Mac.

Once downloaded, plug in the TxD to your computer via the USB. The optical connection is not required. Using the charging USB, plug you A50 headset into the back of the TxD.

Now that you are hooked up to the PC, run and complete both firmware installations one at a time. The A50 headset must be plugged into the back of the TxD to update.

NOTE: You will need to re-sync the TxD and headset after the installation is complete. How to do this is below.

Make sure the A50 headset and TxD are synced together. To do this, turn on the A50. After the headset is fully on, press and hold the power button on the A50 headset until it begins flashing white. Once flashing, press and hold the power button on the TxD until it begins to flash white as well. Both should flash white and return to being red.

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