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A20 (GEN 2) | Headset Configuration

In this section, you’ll find information about the A20 Headset functionality, including Volume Control, Game:Voice Balance and Flip to Mute functionality.


EQ Modes

EQ modes are controlled by the EQ settings using the EQ mode button. The A20 Wireless Headset comes pre-programmed with 3 separate EQ modes for better listening. To toggle between all three EQ Modes, press the EQ Modes button located under the LED indicator light.

  • ASTRO: Best mode for all gamers - tuned for gaming by ASTRO's audio experts. Precise bass for immersion. Balanced mids and highs for the optimal gaming audio experience.
  • STUDIO: For music and movies. Neutral for accuracy across a range of media usages.
  • PRO: Ideal for streamers and pro gamers. Tuned towards mids and highs for precise details. Optimizes surround sound performance as too much bass can cause spatial distortion.

Game:Voice Balance - Xbox & PC only

The A20’s integrated game and voice mixing functions are located on the rear right earpiece. The Game button is located above the Master Volume wheel. The Voice button is located just beneath the Master Volume wheel. The A20’s come preset to a 50/50 balance.

To hear more game audio and less chat audio, hold the paddle towards Game (forward).  To hear more chat/voice audio, hold the paddle labeled voice (backward).

Pressing “Game” will cause the mixing function to isolate game sounds, quieting the voice. Pressing “Voice” will cause the mixer to decrease game sounds, amplifying the voice and chat. Your A50 will emit a series of beeps when using this feature. When you are mixed 100% towards game or voice you will hear a double low beep.  When at center mix (50/50) a single high tone will sound and the mixer will briefly pause to allow you to mix to exactly center mix.  Your default mix can be saved in the ASTRO Command Center.

A20 Game:Voice Balance Beeps

  • Single Beep: High tone indicating center mix
  • Double BeeP: Low tone indicating mixing end points (100% game or 100% voice)

Master Volume

The Master Volume wheel is located on the rear of the right of the earpiece if it’s in the front left you have your headset on backwards; we will wait while you adjust it. It adjusts the overall volume level. Rotating the wheel up will increase the volume, and rotating the wheel down will decrease the volume. Use the Master Volume in conjunction with the Game:Voice Balance to perfectly dial in your audio preferences.


The A20 microphone operates when in the down/forward position. To activate the microphone’s mute feature, simply swing the microphone arm to the vertical (12 o’clock) position, where the microphone will click into place.

Play & Charge

The A20 Wireless can charge via any powered USB port. When the A20’s battery is low, plug the 1m USB-C connector into the A20 Wireless Headset, and connect the USB-A cable end into a power source, this could be a PC, console, or wall jack using a USB adapter.

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